Jenefer Riili, embarazada, recibe mensajes de odio

Jenefer Riili, pregnant, receives hate messages

Jenefer Riili, pregnant, receives hate messages

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Jenefer Riili is 33 weeks pregnant and is about to give birth to her son. After an incident, she separated from the father of her unborn child, Matthias Höhn. That is why he now receives hate messages on Instagram. And responds to a hater.

Jenefer Riili is having a great time. In January she announced that she was with Matthias Höhn, shortly after the pregnancy was made public. But the happiness of the two did not last long, an incident destroyed the relationship, as Jenefer revealed to us exclusively. BTN colleague Pascal Kappés later confirmed that Jenefer and Matthias have separated.

They both still want to take care of their son together. As if that’s not enough excitement, Jenefer now has to deal with very nasty comments on Instagram. There, she lets her fans participate in her pregnancy every day, but not everyone seems to like it. A hater writes: “When your shitty son is finally here, little by little he is getting annoying. It already sucks for the child without a sacrificed father ”.

But Jenefer can’t stand it. “And you? He had no parents at all, huh? ”She responds quickly. Then take a screenshot and post the course of this conversation in your story. She comments: “Go to hell.” But his enemy is provoked, apparently he wants the last word. Write: “But unlike your son, he only has one mother, that’s sad.”

Jenefer is understandably extremely offended by these statements. He then talks openly about it in his Insta story. “Actually I don’t do that, (…) but when it comes to my son, I don’t forgive myself. And also against my family. (…) Above all, how do you have to be prepared when you say baby shit or child shit to a fetus? What is happening in those people? It makes me sick, I’m sorry. “

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We agree with Jenefer. Such behavior is absolutely unnecessary! What do you say? Do you also think it is a shame that many people believe that they can bully on the Internet because they are there anonymously? Or do you think everyone has the right to say what they think? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.