Jenefer Riili muestra el rostro de Baby Milan

Jenefer Riili shows Baby Milan’s face

Jenefer Riili shows Baby Milan's face

After birth

A cute little person! BTN actress Jenefer Riili shows her son’s face for the first time.

Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn have been in the clouds since the birth of their son Milan: “We have never seen anything so beautiful”, both confess on Instagram. And that’s why they couldn’t wait to show their fans what their baby is like. Although they actually wanted to wait for that, Jenefer now posts a photo showing Milan’s cute face. And you can see how proud she is …

Jenefer lovingly hugs her son and kisses him on the forehead. “Through you I know what love is,” he comments on the photo of mother and son. And Daddy Matthias seems to be totally absorbed in his new role. “Our son is just beautiful. That is probably what all parents say about their children. But it’s really true for us, ”he jokes in an Insta story. You can see by looking at the two BTN actors how happy they are: their eyes are sparkling, they can’t stop smiling.

By the way: Jenefer found out so chaotically that he is expecting a baby …

Also, the two seem to have grown closer as a couple again. Since Milan was born, at least the parents have gone back to sleep in a bed and from time to time there is a public kiss.

We think it’s great that Jenefer and Matthias seem to have gotten over their crisis and are together for Milan. What do you think about that? Did you already think that they would meet again? Or are you still not sure if the love between them also has a future? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.