Jennie Garth necesita reorganizar su vida

Jennie Garth needs to reorganize her life

Jennie Garth needs to reorganize her life

After the separation

wantedon 03/21/2012 | 13:24

Jennie Garth’s life is currently very turbulent. After the actress announced her divorce two weeks ago, her daily life is characterized by chaos and turmoil.

Jennie Garth has a lot of chaos in her life right now.

The marriage of Jennie Garth and fellow actor Peter Facinelli lasted eleven years. Now the end of love has come. It is obvious that normal life is getting out of control and needs to be reorganized. Not only do formal issues like a new apartment, separation of common belongings, and parenting need to be clarified, but the emotional chaos itself needs to be put in order. So Jennie Garth has a lot of cleaning work to do. A stay with her three daughters on a 30,000-square-foot estate in California is perfect for her. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star is filming a reality show about rural life on the property.

Jennie Garth needs a change of scenery

“I wanted to get out of town for a while and something inside of me said it was time,” the beautiful actress told Access Hollywood of her escape from the city. “I needed this refuge, some things in my life were changing. I just needed it. ” Her private life has become “a bit hectic and a bit crazy,” said the 39-year-old, summing up the new situation in her life. However, Jennie Garth emphasized that her children are fine despite the divorce and that the move to the country is perfect at the moment. The ex-partner has not yet commented on the reasons for the split, but denied rumors that Peter Facinelli’s infidelity was to blame for the split.

Fortunately, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli don’t seem to want to start a mud fight. They have agreed that their three children will grow up with their mother. The former partners also want to maintain a professional friendly relationship and be together in front of the camera on the Jennie Garth reality show.

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