Jennifer Aniston: ¿Tiene envidia de bebé?

Jennifer Aniston: Are you baby envious?

Jennifer Aniston: Are you baby envious?

Envy baby!

wantedon 10/17/2014 | 10:57

Jennifer Aniston seems to have finally found happiness in love. But the supposedly burning desire to get pregnant just won’t come true for her. However, your friends can hope to have offspring. For Jennifer Aniston, however, the good news is hard to digest …

After the divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston was offered a second chance at the perfect relationship in the form of her current fiance Justin Theroux. Although the two of them are happy together, Jennifer Aniston is still missing a very specific “little thing” for perfect happiness: a baby. But the biological clock does not stop and it is said that the actress is increasingly desperate …

Jennifer Aniston finally wants to get pregnant

A source told the National Enquirer that Jennifer Aniston sought the help of her friend Molly Sims regarding fertility problems. But instead of Jennifer Aniston’s advice, Molly Sims got pregnant with her second child. A hard blow for the actress. “When Molly told her she was going to have a baby, Jennifer was really hurt.”the informant told the magazine. Jennifer Aniston was devastated. And then the actress had to watch her friend Liv Tyler get pregnant a second time too! Jennifer Aniston is devastated

These hard blows are said to have a profound effect on Jennifer Aniston’s mind. “She thought she could handle it and focus on her relationship and work instead. But now that everyone around her is getting pregnant, she can’t take it anymore.The source revealed. Jennifer Aniston suffers from baby envy and even has to go to therapy to cope with the jealousy of her friends: “She is so full of envy that she hopes therapy will free her from her feelings of hatred.”

It seems that Jennifer Aniston is just having no luck getting pregnant. While she is desperately trying to get pregnant, her friends can hope to have new children. We hope the friendship doesn’t suffer too much and we wish Jennifer Aniston the best of luck with the offspring soon.

Image Source: Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images