Jennifer Aniston: ¿Va a tener un bebé después de todo?

Jennifer Aniston: Are you having a baby after all?

New speculation

wantedthe 09/05/2014 | 12:04

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston successfully defends herself from all rumors about an alleged pregnancy, but speculation about the possible first child of 45 years does not want to disappear. New claims are currently circulating in the media suggesting the pregnancy of “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston. What about the rumors?

Although the “Kill the Boss” actress repeatedly vehemently dispels all speculation about a possible pregnancy, one new piece of news is particularly hot in the rumor mill: According to insider information from “OK!” Magazine, the 45-year-old Californian is said to be pregnant. Also, it should seem like there is a very specific reason for the actress’s refusals. What reason could Jennifer Aniston have for not wanting to come out with the good news?

Jennifer Aniston: is she finally expecting her first child?

The secret source of the American magazine “OK!” Now he revealed interesting details of Jennifer Aniston’s private life. According to this information, Brad Pitt’s ex is already three months pregnant. Even if the new speculations about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy are to be believed, why is it so difficult for the actress, who became famous for her role as “Rachel Green”, to make known the fate of her baby?

Jennifer Aniston: Are you having a high-risk pregnancy?

The alleged informant gives the magazine “OK!” One possible answer to the question: “You don’t want the news to break out until you know for sure that the baby is really fine.” Understandable, because at 45, Jennifer Aniston is more attractive than ever, but for a pregnancy at a critical age. Jennifer Aniston is said to already have frozen eggs to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy., and that, as the informant of the magazine “OK!” wants to know, after only six months of relationship with fellow actor Justin Theroux.

Will Jennifer Aniston soon be a happy mom? It is granted in any case. Understandably, if the alleged insider information is to be believed, you only want to go public with your pregnancy as soon as all possible risk factors have been clarified.

Image Source: Alberto E. Rodríguez / Getty Images