Jennifer Aniston aún no ha renunciado al deseo de tener hijos

Jennifer Aniston has yet to give up the desire to have children

Jennifer Aniston has yet to give up the desire to have children

Child planning

wantedon 01/23/2015 | 12:21

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been engaged for two years, but there is no set wedding date yet. The actress is also reluctant to provide information when it comes to planning children. But now Jennifer lets Aniston see that she is still waiting for something very special in her life. But even she can’t say exactly what it will be.

Jennifer Aniston has often emphasized that she was gradually growing weary of questions about her love life and possible family planning. However, the beautiful actress was now tempted to reveal some spicy information about her private life. The “Hollywood Reporter” took the 45-year-old man badly in an interview.

Jennifer Aniston would like to be a mom

When asked about her life with her fiancé Justin Theroux, the actress was surprisingly open-minded and even revealed hot news: Child planning is still in full swing! So the issue of descent is not over with Jennifer Aniston yet. He informs the magazine, on whose cover he poses in the current issue: “You understand: this is an issue that is really out of print. I get very nervous every time it comes up. It is very personal. Who knows what will happen? We definitely want that and we will do our best. “

Jennifer Aniston wants to create something great

Questions about her private life get Jennifer Aniston quite a bit, but Brad Pitt’s ex still reveals her desire for children without hesitation. But at the same time, he also admits that he doesn’t know if this dream will ever come true. In any case, Jennifer Aniston longs for a bigger task in life. So she reports on: “It could be more work, it could be more creativity or more humanity in the world. It could be a baby. It can be a base. I know I have a higher purpose. It’s a puzzle and I haven’t put it together yet. But something great is calling me. “ Jennifer Aniston still has a lot to do in her life!

Jennifer Aniston is full of power and enthusiasm for action, but she has not yet found the right outlet for it. So the cute blonde makes it exciting. We will continue on your way!Image Credit: Getty Images / Theo Wargo / NBC