Jennifer Garner ayuda a los niños necesitados

Jennifer Garner helps children in need

Jennifer Garner helps children in need

Against child poverty

wantedthe 05/07/2015 | 10:13

Her three children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel are lacking for nothing, but Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner knows very well that a life of luxury like the one her family leads is not the order of the day for millions of children in America. Therefore, the 43-year-old regularly uses her celebrities to defend children from poor environments.

Her three children are her one and only, so it was an honor for Jennifer Garner to step down as an actress after the birth of her eldest daughter Violet. For some years now, Jennifer Garner has appeared mainly in small Hollywood productions. Instead The 43-year-old uses her free time as a family to get involved in the fight against child poverty.

Jennifer Garner collects donations for children

For example, for the “Baby2Baby” charity campaign by US diaper manufacturer Huggies, in the context of which Jennifer Garner donated a staggering 1.5 million diapers to families in need. “One in three American mothers has trouble providing clean diapers for her baby,” Jennifer Garner said, describing the situation on her Facebook page. “Today I spent the day as part of the Baby2Baby campaign, talking to mothers about the value of protective, dry diapers.. Huggies donated an incredible 1.5 million diapers to Baby2Baby families in need. “

Jennifer Garner asks her fans to donate

But Jennifer Garner’s engagement doesn’t end with her own momentum. The triple mom asked her fans to make more donations through Facebook.. All they have to do is post a post on Facebook with the hashtag “#snuganddry” (German: protected and dry). “You can help too!” Jennifer Garner said without further ado, because she not only cares about her own children, but also about every child in America. “For every post with the hashtag #snuganddry, Huggies will donate another pack of diapers to Baby2Baby.The 43-year-old woman explained the simple procedure with which many helpless and destitute mothers in the United States should be helped.

Rather than presenting herself as the perfect model mom, Jennifer Garner also works to help underprivileged families in America. We think the triple mom commitment is great and it can only take our hat off to the fact that Jennifer Garner not only runs her own home, but also has the strength and time to care for thousands of other mothers.

Image Source: Facebook / Jennifer Garner