Jennifer Garner: ¿"Líder de los desnudos"?

Jennifer Garner: “Leader of the Nudes”?

Jennifer Garner:"Leader of the nudes"?

Wild college days

wantedon 10/21/2014 | 11:38

That’s good news: reserved Jennifer Garner chatted with rather private details about her past on a talk show. The actress seems to have enjoyed her student life to the fullest. Does it seem like Jennifer Garner wasn’t always as good as she looks today?

Hollywood beauty Jennifer Garner was recently on the talk show “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” First of all, there is nothing spectacular about this fact. However, the more host Conan O’Brien talked to the “Alias” star, the more slippery details he could get from Jennifer Garner. The fact that the 42-year-old Hollywood actress often wandered naked while in college in her spare time certainly surprised not only Conan O’Brien, but Jens’ husband Ben Affleck as well. What prompted Jennifer Garner to strut around campus in an Eva costume?

Jennifer Garner lived her student life to the fullest

Jennifer Garner has apparently been hiding a side of herself for years that we would have loved to know before. It wasn’t until talk show host Conan O’Brian that the “Catch Me If You Can” actress got down to business.: At first, Jennifer Garner only talked about the student jobs that kept her afloat. “Every summer I worked as a volunteer in the theater”says the 42-year-old movie star. Jennifer Garner went on her own “Girl for everything” and he should have diligently done all the work to get on stage anyway.Jennifer Garner shows no false shame

However, Conan O’Brain went further and wanted to know what Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner was like as a student. But then came the shock: “I did not drink. She wasn’t a big party girl, but she walked naked “she explains, quite surprisingly. With a smile on her face, Hollywood star Jennifer Garner explains how we have to imagine her hippie phase: “I was in a naked state of mind. I don’t think he was the only one naked, but he was probably the leader of the nudes. And we all stay naked all summer “describes the mother of three on the talk show. Who wouldn’t have liked to play mouse back then?

It’s hard to imagine today that Jennifer Garner walked around naked when she was a student. Today it is far from her fans to imagine the 42-year-old completely naked in the middle of a happy hippie group. After all, Jennifer Garner is a serious triple mom!Image Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images