Jennifer Garner: No hay teléfono celular para sus hijos

Jennifer Garner: No cell phone for her kids

Jennifer Garner: No cell phone for her kids

Cell phone ban

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In her roles, Jennifer Garner likes to imitate the cute girl next door, but in real life, as a triple mom, things are much more difficult. Ben Affleck’s wife attaches great importance to the proper education of her children and not to spoiling them. For Jennifer Garner, own mobile phones are taboo at the moment …

It is well known that the children of many Hollywood stars lead lives of sheer luxury from the first minute of life. Some celebrities like Jennifer Garner, however, prefer to swim against the current to teach their children that life in abundance cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, eight-year-old Violet and her younger siblings have to do without their own cell phone for now. “You don’t need it. As long as I don’t really feel the need, I am very strict about it. I still have an eight year old son. So I know that I am still a long way from being something we need in our lives, ”Jennifer Garner told Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Jennifer Garner takes care of her children

But buying your own cell phone isn’t the only thing Jennifer Garner watches over her offspring. The actress is also extremely attentive to using the computer. “I don’t let my children use the computer when I’m not around. You really have to be careful because it’s so easy for them to see something that they don’t want to see and that they can’t get out of their heads, ”said Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner sets a good example

Jennifer Garner is not one of those mothers who preach water to their children, but who drink wine themselves. Instead, the 42-year-old tries to lead by example alongside her husband Ben Affleck. “We control each other and we control ourselves. We just try to follow the rules and say, ‘Okay, let’s try to figure this out together so we’re on the same page,’ ”Jennifer Garner explained of her parenting concept.

Jennifer Garner really seems like an excellent mother. After all, she is absolutely right about her rules. An eight-year-old certainly doesn’t need her own cell phone. Things like that come very soon …

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