Jennifer Hudson se come delgada con chocolate

Jennifer Hudson eats thin with chocolate

Jennifer Hudson eats thin with chocolate

Sick of junk food

wantedon 10/14/2014 | 10:16

Sweating in the gym for months without exception without candy? This is not for Hollywood beauty Jennifer Hudson. In an interview with a styling portal, he now revealed how the woman from “Sex And The City” lost more than 30 kilos …

A few years ago, actress Jennifer Hudson weighed 35 kilos more. But while other VIPs are very comfortable with their pounds, Jennifer Hudson was forced to shed the extra pounds and reached the weight of her dreams today – but how did the 33-year-old achieve that?

Jennifer Hudson eats thin

Jennifer Hudson was a Weight Watchers ambassador for four years. With the diet program, many VIPs, including the German, have successfully lost weight and achieved the figure of their dreams, such as former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn or actress Christine Neubauer. Such a strict diet requires a lot of discipline, at least we always think. But apparently Jennifer Hudson didn’t even have to do without chocolate to achieve the figure of her dreams. In an interview with “Yahoo Style” the actress revealed: “Well, I love chocolate. It should always be at hand. It is my substitute for cigarettes. I don’t smoke, but chocolate calms me down ”.

Jennifer Hudson: Slim with chocolate!If only it were that easy! Jennifer Hudson indulges in a piece of chocolate every now and then, but the 33-year-old gets by without other unhealthy body foods of her dreams. “But I don’t want too much unhealthy food in my closet, I have to be careful what I eat. So everything else is forbidden in the room.Jennifer Hudson explained her still strict nutrition plan. After all, the “Sex And The City” actress doesn’t want to fall into the famous yo-yo trap. However, she thinks absolutely nothing of the “size zero” and maddening mind of Hollywood. “It’s about the portion sizes. I like to be active, but I don’t exercise a lot, “reveals Jennifer Hudson, who seems to have found her perfect” balance between eating and living. “

Start celebrating with joy and still lose weight – it seems like the perfect diet! But it is not so simple after all. After all, Jennifer Hudson worked hard on her body for years to get it in shape.

Image source: gettyimages / Cindy Ord