Jennifer Lawrence: Chloë Sevigny cree que es un dolor en el culo

Jennifer Lawrence: Chloë Sevigny thinks she’s a pain in the ass

Be careful, envious!

wantedon 03/13/2015 | 10:20

Jennifer Lawrence is actually what’s known as “everyone’s darling” – she’s always described as funny, open-minded, fun-loving, and natural. But this picture is now getting some unexpected cracks, because the Oscar winner is not admired by everyone. Actress Chloë Sevigny thinks Jennifer Lawrence is quite annoying.

JenLaw doesn’t like everyone

Her sweet smile, awkwardness and last but not least her good natured manner have made Jennnifer Lawrence popular with her fans. The 24-year-old inspires audiences not only with her roles and attracts viewers en masse to theaters, the Oscar winner also always appears cheerful and uncomplicated during interviews. But not everyone shares this positive image of Jennnifer Lawrence. Actress Chloë Sevigny, for example, has no fondness for her Hollywood colleague. He recently gave an interview with the American magazine “V Magazine” in which Jennifer Lawrence did not do well. So the act “The Wait” stated that so far “totally annoying“And easy”too exaggerated”Has experienced. But where does this take on Jennifer Lawrence that we haven’t heard from anyone else come from?Jennifer Lawrence is marketing well

Chloë Sevigny is upset

So Jennifer Lawrence is not very in favor of Chloë Sevigny. Envy supposedly doesn’t play a role, after all, she allows other actresses to succeed. The blonde gets along very well with Emma Stone: “As long as she’s herself then she’s really cute! “And Angelina Jolie is even one”big movie starChloë Sevigny confirms. She does not see the real problem directly in actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, but in the illusory world that Hollywood exemplifies: “So much is just to market and sell a product. Then a cheerful and funny girl makes the talk show round and everyone admires her, loves her and wants to be her or wants to fuck her. And more people want to see the movie or the series.“Chloë Sevigny doesn’t see herself as welcome in this glamorous world and thinks she knows why: consequently, she doesn’t have the charisma and star qualities of Jennifer Lawrence.”that’s why I probably never got to this other level.The problem Chloë Sevigny has with Jennifer Lawrence is probably not the result of any real dislike for the actress. Rather, it seems to bother them that young women in Hollywood are frankly criticized and pressured just because they sell themselves as nice and nice. She’s right, but we still love Jennifer Lawrence!

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