Jennifer Lawrence: ¿Ella ya quiere un bebé?

Jennifer Lawrence: Does she want a baby already?

Jennifer Lawrence: Does she want a baby already?

Boy in turbo?

wantedthe 23/10/2014 | 17:15

But that was quick! The two have just met and rumors are already circulating that Jennifer Lawrence wants her new boyfriend, Chris Martin, to have a child. What about the fertility rumors?

Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence really looks to be on cloud nine with her new catch, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. According to the latest rumors, it is said that the two celebrities have had such a spark that before long they are thinking about a future together with the children. It looks like Jennifer Lawrence and her 37-year-old boyfriend are taking it easy pretty quickly. Does the Hollywood actress really want to realize her desire to have children or is she still wearing the pink glasses?

Jennifer Lawrence wants to spend her future with Chris Martin

According to reports from the American magazine “OK!”, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and her partner have already devised a plan: The two Hollywood stars would like to settle down somewhere together and diligently have children. According to this, Jennifer Lawrence should already be sure that Coldplay singer Chris Martin is the right one for her, because according to a secret source from “OK!” Magazine, the successful actress is already expecting offspring: “Jen is already talking about marriage, babies, and the whole show.”the informant told the American magazine.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin plan to have children together

“Jen would love to have a girl. Chris Martin just amazed her and she was immediately convinced that they both have what it takes to follow a common path. “added source Jennifer Lawrence. It no longer seems so absurd that Chris Martin’s two sons could welcome a baby brother into the world in the future. But it will certainly be some time before that, because Jennifer Lawrence’s girlfriend is still anchored in the marriage bond with his ex-wife. Even if Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t so convinced about her husband’s new girlfriend, the “OK!” He assessed the situation completely differently: “Jen has already shown that she is incredibly level-headed for her age.”

That Jennifer Lawrence seems so sure of her love for Chris Martin is certainly good for her. The Coldplay singer seems to make the successful movie actress incredibly happy. However, the future will tell if Jennifer Lawrence is expecting a child from him soon.

Image Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for BFI