Jennifer Lawrence tuvo un día de San Valentín poco romántico

Jennifer Lawrence had an unromantic Valentine’s Day

Jennifer Lawrence had an unromantic Valentine's Day

On the day of love

wantedon 02/17/2015 | 15:00

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always bring lovers together. Jennifer Lawrence spent the past weekend many miles from her supposed re-boyfriend Chris Martin while he was having fun with his family. That shouldn’t have sent the butterflies flying in Jennifer Lawrence’s stomach.

Rumors don’t stop that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating again. It would be the most normal thing in the world if they had used Valentine’s Day to celebrate their newly ignited love. But nothing there! Because instead of wandering the streets making out, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t even see her singer on the weekend! The Coldplay frontman had other commitments …

Jennifer Lawrence had no time for love

Even we non-stars know that it’s not always easy to coordinate the dating schedule with the bride. What are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin going to be like, who are home all over the world and only have a few breaks from work? Furthermore, the 37-year-old is a father of two and his children need his undivided attention. For this reason, the leader of Colplay spent the day of love, according to the magazine “People”, with his offspring, on the beach in Malibu. However, Chris Martin was not there without a partner. Many things can be revealed: Jennifer Lawrence was not.

Jennifer Lawrence stood in front of the camera

While Jennifer Lawrence was filming her new movie “Joy” on Saturday, according to “”, Chris Martin is said to have had a great day with his children and ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. “They spent many hours on the beach. Gwyneth and Chris were very nice to each other, as they always have been, “a source told People. A Family Day On Valentine’s Day – Are Chris Martin And His Ex-Wife Still Feeling In The Game Hardly, because the children Moses and Apple were supposedly in the foreground on the excursion. “Chris was in the water with his kids most of the time, while Gwyneth hung out with friends on the beach,” recalled the anonymous source. Family goes first, but it doesn’t seem like a true love return between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin.

They love each other, they don’t love each other… Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are slowly becoming true professionals when it comes to keeping love life out of the public eye. It’s nice to know that the Coldplay singer is such a loving father, but Jennifer Lawrence would have loved a little more romance too. But they both make it really exciting!Image Source: Getty Images / Kevin Winter