Jennifer Lawrence tiene que admitir la derrota

Jennifer Lawrence has to admit defeat

Jennifer Lawrence has to admit defeat

Search engine duel

wantedon December 16, 2014 | 13:43

What a year for Jennifer Lawrence! She is the new princess of Hollywood and at least she has felt awarded with all the awards that are worth dreaming about. However, at the end of the year, Jennifer Lawrence had to accept a defeat and hand over her crown to Beyonce.

If there is one woman whose hearts have soared this year, it was undoubtedly Jennifer Lawrence. With “The Hunger Games” he became a world star and his image of the girl next door assured him of all his sympathy. Thousands of girls dream of being a bit like Jennifer Lawrence and probably a similar number of guys would like to have a girlfriend like her. But not only fans, also colleagues, directors and critics are enthusiastic about the 24-year-old, which is why she already belongs to the A level of Hollywood celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence dueling at the Beyonce

The third part of the “Tribute” saga has been ruling theaters for a good month and regularly attracts new viewers to the screen. In “Mockingjay” Jennifer Lawrence shines again in her starring role as Katniss Everdeen and this time she shows that she not only has a talent for acting, but also for singing. The song “Hanging Tree” even hit the charts and thus leaves many well-known golden throats in the shadows. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence can’t compete with leading voices like Beyonce’s and has to admit defeat to Queen B in another discipline.

Jennifer Lawrence is number 2

Towards the end of the year, people like to look back at the past 365 days and sum up which stars and stars stood out in particular. In terms of film and television, no one could compete with Jennifer Lawrence this year, but not all fans gave the Oscar winner their full attention. Jennifer Lawrence has been at war with the Internet for a long time, and obviously rightly so, because as the “Contactmusic” portal now reports, Chris Martin’s ex-girlfriend ranks second in Google searches. The queen of Google is Beyoncé, who struck up a conversation with her joint tour with husband Jay-Z, as well as ongoing marital woes.

Jennifer Lawrence will be able to easily cope with the fact that she couldn’t win this competition, because she looks back on a year that couldn’t have been more exciting. Beyoncé may be the queen of Google, but Jennifer Lawrence is slowly but surely moving towards the queen of Hollywood, which should certainly please her more than being the most Googled woman in the world.

Image Source: Getty Images / Kevin Winter