Jennifer Lawrence le presentó a Chris Martin a su madre

Jennifer Lawrence introduced Chris Martin to her mother

Jennifer Lawrence introduced Chris Martin to her mother

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wantedon October 13, 2014 | 17:13

When the new boyfriend introduces himself to the parents, it is always a special moment and it shows that the relationship is serious. Jennifer Lawrence even seemed to find meeting so important that she let her mother fly to Los Angeles. What did Chris Martin think of that?

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are not officially confirmed yet, however In recent weeks, more and more information that speaks for itself has come to light. They were first seen kissing at a Kings of Leon concert, then rumors arose that the actress and the Coldplay frontman had already moved in together. Whatever your living situation, one thing is for sure: Jennifer Lawrence wants her mom to meet her new boyfriend!

Jennifer Lawrence introduced Chris Martin to her mother

According to Jennifer Lawrence’s grandparents The 24-year-old had her mother, Karen, fly to Los Angeles so she could meet her new son-in-law. This is supposed to be followed by a vacation together. This was reported by the Sunday edition of the British newspaper “The Sun”. Carolyn Koch, Jennifer Lawrence’s grandmother, is happy about her granddaughter’s love story: “We will need another chair at the Christmas table. The family is growing slowly so much that soon we will have to divide the meeting. “

Jennifer Lawrence stayed on the floor

Jennifer Lawrence’s grandfather also spoke about “The Sun.” In his opinion, all the awards and the media publicity did not make his granddaughter stand out. She should still be exactly the girl she was before her success. Jennifer doesn’t like this exaggeration. It seems that she would like to do interviews on television, but she is just a great actress, “says Colin Koch and continues:” Nothing has changed, she is so humble and down to earth “. We are sure it will continue like this.

Good for Jennifer Lawrence that she has found a new partner in Chris Martin who is apparently well received by her family as well. We wish you both good luck in the future and hope Chris Martin finds a place at Lawrence’s Christmas table…

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt