Jennifer Lawrence está de vuelta

Jennifer Lawrence is back

Offensive forward

wantedon 10/14/2014 | 13:26

It’s been less than a month since Jennifer Lawrence was hacked into her personal photos. But instead of hiding, he went on the offensive and shone at the premiere of “Serena”!

Since “The Hunger Games,” Jennifer Lawrence has been a permanent member of the A-list of celebrities and also one of the most reserved actresses right now. As a public figure, it’s often not easy to keep your private life away from the press, and Jennifer Lawrence experienced firsthand what it felt like to not have everything under control a few weeks ago.

Jennifer Lawrence is strong

The hackers had put Jennifer Lawrence’s personal iCloud photos on a freely accessible website, making them accessible to millions of people. The 24-year-old Oscar winner can be seen mostly naked or at least lightly dressed. Jennifer Lawrence originally took the photos of her current ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, with whom she was in a relationship for four years. In the November issue of “Vanity Fair,” the American spoke about the invasion of her privacy and even called the theft of the racy selfies “sexual abuse.”

Jennifer Lawrence does not drop

Although the last few weeks have not been easy, Jennifer Lawrence appeared at the 58th London Film Festival, where her new film “Serena” was also presented. On the red carpet, she impressed with a confident look in a low-cut black mini dress and made it clear that she will not take refuge in her snail shell. Jennifer Lawrence recently admitted to Vanity Fair that she even feared her career might be affected by photo theft. But there was no trace of these concerns at the premiere.

After a hacker attack on her nude photos, Jennifer Lawrence is confidently back in public. You have probably already digested the first scare. After all, the scandal certainly won’t hurt his career.

Image Source: Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson