Jennifer Lawrence: ¿está saliendo con un director?

Jennifer Lawrence: is she dating a director?

Jennifer Lawrence: is she dating a director?

Pizza and private

wantedon December 17, 2014 | 16:05

As fast as love with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin should have come, it seems to have gone just as quickly. But for the queen of the “Hunger Games”, this is obviously no reason to cry. Jennifer Lawrence is said to be in love again!

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence had to experience first-hand how quickly the most intimate can become a matter of public concern. No wonder the 24-year-old is now she is even more careful when it comes to her private life. However, rumors continue to circulate that Jennifer Lawrence is just in love.

Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to date a director

Now the sweet blonde is said to have fallen in love with a director. But who is the lucky guy who is currently supposed to make the beauty of “The Hunger Games” happy? A source who spoke to the New York Daily News said Jennifer Lawrence may have fallen in love with a director.Jennifer Lawrence: What was going on at Polsky’s house?As a clear indication that Jennifer Lawrence and Gabe Polsky have something between them, the alleged source sees a secret meeting said to have taken place at the principal’s house. According to the source, the 24-year-old spent several hours in Polsky. Meanwhile, the two would have ordered one pizza after another. “You ordered some pizzas and about 30 minutes later there was a delivery service that brought in more pizza,” the source told the NY Daily News. Also, Gabe Polsky would look strikingly similar to Chris Martin, with whom Jennifer Lawrence is said to have had a scandal as well. But couldn’t it be that Jennifer Lawrence and Polsky just talked about upcoming projects? “You definitely didn’t just check the scripts. You had fun very well“The ominous omniscient man would have liked to know. As usual, Jennifer Lawrence has so far not given any response.

As soon as Jennifer Lawrence meets a man, rumor mill simmers. We can understand that this really makes the beautiful actress nervous and that she cannot comment on all the speculations. We are waiting to see if we can talk soon about a new love in Jennifer Lawrence’s life or maybe a new film project.Image Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images