Jennifer Lawrence: ¿su carrera está sufriendo el escándalo del desnudo?

Jennifer Lawrence: Is Your Career Suffering From The Nude Scandal?

Jennifer Lawrence: Is Your Career Suffering From The Nude Scandal?

Naked scandal

wantedon 03/09/2014 | 10:45

At the beginning of the week, several private nude photos of around 20 female Hollywood stars surfaced online that were never released to the public. Most of the racy photos show Jennifer Lawrence, who is now worried about her professional career in the wake of the nude scandal… But can embarrassing photos really hurt her?

Jennifer Lawrence starred in the adaptation of the global hit novel “The Hunger Games,” an Oscar Award and nomination and publicity deals with luxury brands such as Dior. At just 24 years old, she became one of the most successful young actresses in Hollywood.. But due to the nude scandal, a shadow could soon be cast over Jennifer Lawrence. Dior has yet to comment on the incidents, so the “Silver Linings” star can still hope the collaboration will continue. Jennifer Lawrence also wanted to continue her film career for years to come – a total of five films are currently in her filming schedule! However, the industry wonders if the A hacker attack can have an impact on their careers becomes.

Jennifer Lawrence: How is the nude scandal affecting your career?

After other victims have already spoken, Jennifer Lawrence is said to have made a statement. “She is shocked by the release of the photos and knows this could influence future role offers.”, reports a source from the “HollywoodLife” portal. After his spokesperson already confirmed the authenticity of the nude photos, both the police and the FBI are investigating the brazen hacker. In addition, the technology group Apple speaksafter the actress Kirsten Dunst, among others, had blamed him with his post on Twitter “Thank you, iCloud” for the fact that his private photos had reached the network. The US company denies this accusation. After a 40-hour investigation, the group claims to have determined that the error was not the result of “a security hole in one of Apple’s systems, including iCloud or ‘Find my iPhone'”. According to the “Associated Press”, Apple should try together with the FBI to uncover the background. Jennifer Lawrence can’t help but hope that embarrassing photos aren’t her professional downfall right now.

Jennifer Lawrence is not the only one to fear

Having to fear the race like Jennifer Lawrence is bad in any case, but with a few other stars their association will soon be on the line. Because according to the British “Sun”, the hacker should be in possession of racy photos and even sex movies, which features some famous women with men who are not their husbands or partners. Not only Hayden Panettiere, who is currently heavily pregnant with her husband Wladimir Klitschko, but also Johnny Depp’s fiancee Amber Heard, as well as Avril Lavigne and Mary-Kate Olsen, is said to have cheated and captured him in photos. Well, that can still be joyous!

We sympathize with Jennifer Lawrence and hope that the inadvertently posted nude photos have no effect on the career of the Hunger Games star. However, as popular and successful as the 24-year-old is today, we don’t think racy photos can damage her reputation. It remains to be expected from the rest of the stars that the rumors that there are images of infidelities are not true.

Image Source: Getty Images / Ian Gavan