Jennifer Lawrence besó a Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence kissed Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence kissed Liam Hemsworth


Well, in a recent interview, Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that she kissed fellow actor Liam Hemsworth away from the cameras. His reasoning in this regard was absolutely understandable.

“Liam is really sexy,” Jennifer Lawrence responded when asked by Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” and instead wanted to know, “What would you have done?” With a brief but meaningful “Yes,” he confirmed. After 25 years, of course, she kissed Liam Hemsworth away from the cameras. According to her own statement, the two grew up together in a certain way: from 2011 to 2014, she was in front of the camera with the Australian and Josh Hutcherson for the series “The Hunger Games.” During that time, little by little they would have changed from teenagers to adults.

However, in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to be interested; rather, the two are very close friends. “What strikes me the most is the fact that I would never have believed that such a handsome man would one day be my best friend.” Afterwards, the Oscar winner only had words of praise for her co-star of “The Hunger Games.” By the way: he’s so wonderful, adorable, familiar, cute, funny, and just an “awesome guy.”

Jennifer Lawrence: And Chris Martin?

And what about the supposed romance between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin? Moderator Andy Cohen apparently couldn’t help but speak to the actress about these rumors. Whether they were together or not, the two have never been officially confirmed, which is why Jennifer Lawrence apparently held back on the show and kept quiet.

So we won’t know for the moment what really happened between Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence. Of course, the news that she is with Liam Hemsworth would be even more pleasant, but what is not, still can be.

Image Source: Getty Images / Monica Schipper