Jennifer Lawrence: Noticias del hacker de fotos desnuda

Jennifer Lawrence: Naked Photo Hacker News

Jennifer Lawrence: Naked Photo Hacker News

Confession of guilt

Daniel Schmidton 05/25/2016 | 15:45

Jennifer Lawrence can breathe a sigh of relief: The hacker who accessed the accounts, and thus the nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, among others, pleaded guilty in a United States court. Nothing stands in the way of the 36-year-old’s conviction. This is reported by the US edition of the magazine “Vanity Fair”.

Justice for JLaw, your hacker faces up to 5 years in prison.

It has been clear for about two months: the man who had access to the private data of stars like Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton between 2012 and 2014 is called Ryan Collins. After the hacker attacks, nude photos of the actress and other victims reached the Internet. To access the data, Collins had sent emails on behalf of Google and Apple requesting the access data. Using the passwords obtained in this way, the perpetrator logged into the prominent accounts and copied full backups, including private nude photos. Ryan Collins pleaded guilty in court. The American is likely to be convicted. He faces a prison sentence of up to five years in state prison.

Kate Upton was also a victim of the hacker who gained access to Jennifer Lawrence’s data.

No penalty for leaking nude photos

Even if Ryan Collins was able to prove the hacking attack on Jennifer Lawrence Others, he has not yet been prosecuted for distributing the private nude photos. Investigators found no evidence that he might have actively disseminated the stolen data. So it’s still unclear who exactly leaked the racy recordings from JLaw’s private backup.

Jennifer Lawrence herself had understandably reacted very sensitively to the invasion of her privacy, and in an earlier interview with “Vanity Fair” equated the leak of nude photos with a sex crime.

It’s good that justice obviously wins here. It’s questionable whether Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and company can feel much safer as long as the person responsible for the leak of the nude photo has not been captured.

Image Source: GettyImages Jamie McCarthy