Jennifer Lawrence: ¡No fotos, por favor!

Jennifer Lawrence: No photos, please!

Jennifer Lawrence: No photos, please!

Are you meeting superstar Jennifer Lawrence and would you like a photo with her? You can forget! Your answer to fan sharing requests is “no.”

On the promotional tour for her new movie “Passengers” (theatrical release: 5.1.), The 26-year-old said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph:“I’m really unfriendly now and I withdraw more and more. I have to protect my little world like, ‘I have a strange job, but don’t make it happen.’

Why is Jennifer so uncomfortable about it? “I think people think we’re friends because I’m famous and they think they already know me, but I don’t know them at all.”

Ooooh, a pity bag for poor Jennifer… The actress apparently did not consider the fact that she raises millions in fees and that the public is the price stars have to pay for their celebrity and big money. You really don’t make friends like that! And if at some point the fans don’t feel like them anymore, then Hollywood’s cool roles are over.

Justin Bieber has also banned fan photos, you can read about the reason here: Justin Bieber no longer takes selfies with fans.