Jennifer Lawrence finge ser una mujer poderosa

Jennifer Lawrence pretends to be a powerful woman

After a nude scandal

wantedon 09/17/2014 | 17:38

After the scandal of the nude photo, Jennifer Lawrence was on everyone’s lips, but the actress still did not dare to appear in public. The 24-year-old can be seen again for the first time in a behind-the-scenes clip of a photoshoot for the “Dior” brand, for which Jennifer Lawrence has long been the face. In this, she describes what makes her a strong woman. Jennifer Lawrence alludes to the nude photo scandal with her statement?

With her open and playful manner, Jennifer Lawrence was able to convince two years ago when she officially became the face of “Dior”. Even after the nude photo scandal, the fashion brand does not give up on the actress and publishes the photos of the new autumn / winter campaign. With curled-back hair, emphasized eyes, and defined cheekbones, Jennifer Lawrence can be seen in simple outfits. A classic and expressive look that makes the playful Jennifer Lawrence look more serious.

Jennifer Lawrence can be seen in the new “Dior” campaign

In the behind-the-scenes video posted on the Gossip Cop online portal, Jennifer Lawrence confidently says: “A strong woman radiates self-confidence and can be tough, fair, and friendly. He also knows how to get what he wants. ” Jennifer Lawrence is referring to her current situation? After all, the actress is going through a difficult time – the nude photo scandal is, after all, the first scratch in Jennifer Lawrence’s unprecedented career.Jennifer Lawrence knows what she wants

Jennifer Lawrence does not appear to be intimidated by the scandal: In early September, the Oscar winner immediately hired her lawyers to prevent further distribution of her private photos. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence only draws attention to herself throughout her career. It was announced that the 24-year-old will host the Met Gala next year. With this, Jennifer Lawrence wants to show us that she herself is a powerful woman and that scandal cannot shake her career.

Jennifer Lawrence is unstoppable: in the advertising campaign for the brand “Dior”, the actress simply knocks us out with her charisma! Despite the huge nude photo scandal, Jennifer Lawrence does not lose ground under her feet and shows what it means to be a strong woman.

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain