Jennifer Lawrence se despide de David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence says goodbye to David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence says goodbye to David Letterman

Goodbye Letterman

wantedthe 21/05/2015 | 12:27

With his “Late Show,” David Letterman celebrated great success for years and is now friends with many Hollywood greats. Jennifer Lawarence is one of them. And so he joins the great farewell stage of David Letterman like many other stars. With a very special goodbye greeting, the Hollywood beauty says goodbye.

Jennifer Lawrence just can’t seem to get it right yet – the great talk show David Lettermann ends his late-night run to take his well-deserved retirement. For years, his “Late Show” was one of the most successful shows on American television. Stars and stars came together in his television studio, now this era is coming to an end. Jennifer Lawrence is also one of the guests David Letterman was often able to greet on his show. Now the actress has to accept the fact that “Late Show” will continue to air, but from now on it will be taken over by comedian Stephen Colbert.

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The farewell of David Letterman, of course, again provoked many laughs, in which Jennifer Lawrence also participated significantly. Along with stars like Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray The cult talk show host gave hilarious sayings and snappy commentary on current affairs in the fields of politics, business, and of course the celebrity world for the last time. Jennifer Lawrence also came up with something special for this.

Jennifer Lawrence wants to bring back David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence used her Facebook profile to say goodbye to David Letterman. But what she had prepared did not seem like a final “goodbye”. “Do not do it! Nobody is sick of you, it’s only in your headSo the funny saying that the cute blonde had painted on a poster that she is holding in front of the camera along with the sad dog’s eye. A heat “Thanks Dave“Followed of course too. It is unknown what David Letterman himself thinks of the retouched poster, but Jennifer Lawrence’s irresistible charm has not changed anything about his plans to leave the show.

Even a pretty face like Jennifer Lawrence’s can’t undo everything in the world. But with this photo, the actress showed once again how fun and simple she is. David Letterman’s successor, Stephen Colbert, can now look forward to Jennifer Lawrence as a guest on the new edition of the “Late Show.”

Image Source: Facebook / Jennifer Lawrence