Jennifer Lawrence: ¿perderá a Nicholas Hoult por Kristen Stewart?

Jennifer Lawrence: will she lose Nicholas Hoult to Kristen Stewart?

Jennifer Lawrence: will she lose Nicholas Hoult to Kristen Stewart?

Battle for Nicholas?

wantedthe 08/01/2014 | 16:52

It is well known that Kristen Stewart has nothing against love in the workplace. So it’s no wonder Jennifer Lawrence is already worried about their relationship. And it seems that Nicholas Hoult and the beauty of “Twilight” also seem to get along very well.

Nicholas Hoult and KStew in the Japanese

He met his ex Robert Pattinson on set and Kristen Stewart also grew closer to her affair with Rupert Sanders in the film: Jennifer Lawrence’s worries about losing her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult to the beauty of “Twilight” are not entirely out of nowhere. The fact that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult play the lovers in the film “Equals” should go more than against the current of Jennifer Lawrence, reports “”, among others. And the two of them? First they are going to eat sushi in peace!

Jennifer Lawrence: Is your boyfriend flirting with Kristen Stewart?

What’s going on between Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend and Kristen Stewart? At a joint sushi date in the Japanese capital Tokyo, where the filming of “Equals” is taking place, the two are said to have gotten along very well. and even disappeared into a Japanese gaming paradise, as you can see from the photos of fans on Twitter and co.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult with a fan

So is Jennifer Lawrence in real danger of losing her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult? The two problems have been said to have been around for a long time. For example, the “About a Boy” mime shouldn’t go well with your girlfriend’s strong self-confidence. Nicholas Hoult is also said to have had fun with Riley Keough, American media report. As of yet, there has been no statement from Jennifer Lawrence or the two alleged flirting partners.It’s no wonder people go out to dinner with colleagues. It is in the nature of things that the press turns it into a possible issue. However, Jennifer Lawrence certainly won’t have to worry too much – after all, she’s a great woman and doesn’t have to fear competition from Kristen Stewart.Image Source: Twitter / Jennifer Hoult