Jennifer Lopez rompe a llorar

Jennifer Lopez breaks down in tears

Jennifer Lopez breaks down in tears

Hard rupture

wantedon 03/01/2015 | 14:06

Jennifer Lopez likes to pretend to be a tough, strong businesswoman. But the beautiful Latina can be different too: In a new documentary by the hit singer, Jennifer Lopez now takes a behind-the-scenes look and even tearfully reports on the divorce from her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

You can usually see Jennifer Lopez, full of joy and joy in her hot videos or on the red carpets of this world. The beautiful singer rarely admits low points in her life and usually does not mention them publicly. We are surprised by the new documentary of “La Lopez”, which according to the “Huffington Post” has now been filmed and shows the singer from a completely different perspective.

Jennifer Lopez has recovered from her marriage

In this, the I’m Into You performer shows not only exciting appearances and the highlights of her steep career, but also her private and very vulnerable face. After Marc Anthony’s divorce, Jennifer Lopez is said to have been devastated. That is why he reports in the article called “Dance Again” for the American pay channel “HBO”: “I remember being on set and feeling like I couldn’t get up in the morning and there would be no pain worse than this.”Jennifer Lopez was done

For Jennifer Lopez, the marriage to the Latin star Marc Anthony was already the third, but at first she could not bear the pain of separation: “There is no pain or defeat like going through a divorce. The hope, the dream, the fairy tale, everything is broken into pieces. You feel like you are dying. “ For her children in particular, Jennifer Lopez regretted seeing her twins’ father’s marriage break down: “My dream was that we would stay together forever. You don’t want to break a family. “ In the documentary you can also see how Emme, the daughter of JLo and Marc Anthony, holds a heart chain on the camera and tells how much it reminds her of her father, whom she misses so much. In the new documentary, Jennifer Lopez is more open and private than ever. For her fans, it is definitely interesting to see how such a professional and experienced career woman grapples with personal low points like her divorce and, most of all, has found her way out of this low point. JLo can’t be stopped! Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt