Jennifer Lopez tiene su propio show en Las Vegas

Jennifer Lopez has her own show in Las Vegas

Jennifer Lopez has her own show in Las Vegas

Own live event

wantedon 05/13/2015 | 15:01

Jennifer Lopez has reached the peak of her career. After Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Elton John, she now has her own show in Las Vegas. Starting in January 2016, the Latina should give regular concerts in the desert city.

Jennifer Lopez has already accomplished a lot in her career and is one of the most successful singers in history. He had numerous number one hits and his albums went platinum multiple times. But now the successful Latina is taking another step forward. Starting in January 2016, she will have her own show in Las Vegas, as she proudly announced on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez posted a first teaser video there and wrote, “So excited !!! This will be the show I have always dreamed of. “

Jennifer Lopez will have her own show in Las Vegas starting in January 2016

As “HollywoodLife” reports, the show will be a huge “Jenny from the Block” party and will contain elements of dance, hip hop, Latin and pop. According to her own statements, Jennifer Lopez is said to have been preparing for this show all her life. The singer and actress is currently on a veritable wave of success, because in addition to her engagement in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez will soon be appearing on a new television show. According to “popSugar”, this is a police drama that will be titled “Shades Of Blue”.

Jennifer Lopez: is she back with Casper Smart?

But Jennifer Lopez is not just doing well professionally. The Latina also seems to be satisfied with her private life. It has been rumored for several months that she and Casper Smart could secretly be a couple again. Officially, the singer and the dancer are separated, but now Jennifer Lopez once again heated the rumors by posting a photo of Casper Smart on Instagram and writing: “I love this photo.” Also, he added the hashtag “ManCrushMonday”, which lovers like to use.

For Jennifer Lopez, all her dreams seem to have come true today. With the show in Las Vegas beginning in January 2016, a long-standing dream for the Latina will come true. And if the rumors come true and Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are a couple again, the singer’s private happiness also seems perfect.Image Source: © Getty Images / Larry Busacca