Jennifer Lopez enfurece a Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez infuriates Jennifer Garner

Time for revenge?

wantedon 07/10/2015 | 14:00

It would have been too good to be true if this Hollywood breakup had occurred without any public emotional chaos and wild accusations! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck separated after ten years of marriage, But instead of concentrating on managing her life without the man of her dreams by her side, the actress now spreads her claws against Jennifer Lopez. The reason? She thinks Jennifer Lopez could get back at her!

Jennifer Lopez is supposed to talk about the breakup of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

It’s no secret that before his marriage, Ben Affleck intended to walk down the aisle with Jennifer Lopez. The former glamorous couple were engaged, but then the shock came in 2004: The two stars scrap their mutual plans for the future and go their separate ways. While Jennifer Lopez eventually slipped from one love oasis to another, her ex fell in love with Jennifer Garner again after a short time. and this could be a problem, as revealed by an anonymous source “RadarOnline”.

Jennifer Lopez up to something?

“Jen is mad at J. Lo,” informs insider and explains why Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner could potentially lead to a catfight that was like a movie. “Jen thinks that J. Lo is passively aggressive because she is the one who received Ben after their breakup,” reveals the source, adding that the beauty must believe that Jennifer Lopez now wants to punish her for it. . Well that still seems exciting!

Does Jennifer Garner see ghosts or could Jennifer Lopez really plan a revenge campaign? Until now, the singer has remained silent, but with the stars and the stars you never really know what scenarios are happening in their heads. We are curious to see if Jennifer Lopez is really stalking her chance and will return the favor for her love affair back then.

Image Source: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris