Jessica Alba cada vez es más delgada

Jessica Alba is getting thinner

Jessica Alba is getting thinner

Too skinny?

wantedthe 02/12/2015 | 10:39

Jessica Alba is considered an absolute sex bomb! Men line up for beauty and female fans have been emulating their idol for years. However, that could change now, because Jessica Alba’s previously sexy curves are nowhere to be seen.

Jessica Alba was previously known for always being a prominent figure. Her well-trained body makes you jealous and her perfect curves stand out in every dress. Unfortunately, this image belongs more and more to the past, because the beautiful actress seems to be getting thinner. As reported by “OK!” Magazine, Jessica Alba already looked much thinner than usual at the end of last year, but as she looks now, that doesn’t seem to be enough for the mother twice. How do you say the 33-year-old wants to keep losing weight.

Jessica Alba is thinner than usual

Jessica Alba gave birth to her second child in the summer of 2011. It’s no secret that it’s a good way in Hollywood to be able to have a flat stomach and muscular legs shortly after pregnancy. Jessica Alba seems to have gotten too ambitious. An insider now spoke out clearly about the gorgeous brunettes’ weight loss craze and her statement doesn’t just generate lines of concern on our faces.

Jessica Alba wants a new look

As the source revealed to “OK!” Magazine, Jessica Alba intends to shed even more pounds, and with a clear goal in mind: “Jessica is about to build a new image and move away from her reputation as a sex bomb, who has stuck to her since “Sin City.” Getting rid of the curves is the first step in that direction. It also reports that Jessica Alba is only three kilos different from the notorious size zero and also the warning calls from his friends that he would lose more weight “Like a skeleton” The look doesn’t seem to dissuade the brunette from her plan. I wish you well!

Jessica Alba seems to have lost pound after pound in recent weeks, which is why she is now slimmer than ever. We too are concerned and we can only hope that Jessica Alba finds her way back to her former beauty, and that with ten more pounds on her ribs.

Image Source: Getty Images / Valerie Macon