Jessica Alba: Falta de título universitario destruyó su confianza

Jessica Alba: Lack of college degree destroyed her confidence

Jessica Alba: Lack of college degree destroyed her confidence


wantedthe 09/11/2014 | 14:18

Jessica Alba has everything others can only dream of: not only is she one of the hottest women in the world, but also a Hollywood star and mother of two. Even so, the brunette beauty often struggled with her self-esteem. Jessica Alba revealed on the “Meredith Vieira Show” why she regrets not attending college.

Jessica Alba can currently be admired in “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For” in theaters. In the long-awaited sequel, the actress swings her hips again like stripper Nancy. Jessica Alba also likes to imitate strong women like a superhero from the “Fantastic Four” series. It’s hard to believe that the 33-year-old used to suffer from strong self-doubt – but that’s exactly what Jessica Alba revealed in an interview.

Jessica Alba struggled with her confidence

Especially in her youth, Jessica Alba was plagued with doubts. “When I was a teenager and in my twenties, I was always very insecure. I always thought I had to apologize, “confessed the 33-year-old on the” Meredith Vieira Show. The fact that she never went to college to further her education bothered Jessica Alba especially: “I always felt insecure because I never went to college and I didn’t feel smart enough about it.” But thanks to her family, those days are over for the 33-year-old.

Jessica Alba wants to be a role model for her children

“After turning 30 and being the mother of two daughters, I found myself and also founded a company,” Jessica Alba said proudly. In fact, the actress created the eco-brand The Honest Company, which is now estimated at nearly $ 1 billion. Therefore, being a homemaker is out of the question for Jessica Alba. After all, you want to show your children that they can achieve anything: “I want to show my children that they can do their own thing in their lives.” The actress seems to have finally overcome her insecurity.

Today, we can hardly believe that Jessica Alba was once eaten up by uncertainty. The 33-year-old opens up bravely in the interview and lets us share her past. Today Jessica Alba said goodbye to her doubts and is not only a successful actress, but has also established herself as an entrepreneur. We are sure that your children will be very proud of you!

Image Source: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison