Jessica Alba piensa que es una mojigata

Jessica Alba thinks she’s a prude

Jessica Alba thinks she's a prude

“I’m a real prude”

wantedthe 27/08/2014 | 14:26

Despite her many sexy movie roles and revealing magazine covers, Jessica Alba doesn’t want to be reduced to her body. In an interview, the mother of two even admitted that in real life she would describe herself as “really prudish.” Who would have thought that?

In her current film “Sin City 2: A Lady to Kill For,” Jessica Alba plays stripper Nancy Callahan, as she did in the first part in 2005, who delights her viewers with a deft hip swing and revealing outfits. A naked clause in your contract states that you don’t have to completely undress for any of your roles., but this does not detract from the erotic charisma of Jessica Alba. The brunette beauty has also made a global career in clothing.

Jessica Alba looks sexy but thinks she’s a prude

In an interview in the current issue of “Loaded” magazine, Jessica Alba surprised with the following statement: “Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a real prude!” I beg your pardon? Is the 33-year-old, leaning lewd and lightly in front of a rocky landscape in the September issue of “Maxim,” supposed to be a prude? In fact, Jessica Alba is never overjoyed when she reads that someone calls her “sexy.”: “I always laugh when my name comes up in these ‘Sexiest Actresses’ polls because that’s not who I am.”

Jessica Alba: mothers can be sexy too

Even so, Jessica Alba makes it clear that motherhood and eroticism in general are not mutually exclusive. He also explained the connection in an interview with “Loaded”: “I think many women with children are sexy. It’s strange to think that just because you have kids you can’t have sex appeal. ” Even if she can’t understand why this erotic charisma is attributed to her, Jessica Alba knows that it is a great tool to advance in the film business: “I’m not naive about the way Hollywood works. I know that sex sells movie tickets. But a good director can make a scene sexy without me having to take off my shirt. “

We would have expected this “prudish” confession from many, but not from a bombshell like Jessica Alba! As much as she insists on not perceiving herself as sexy, we somehow can’t believe the 33-year-old. Jessica Alba is the only one who knows how serious Jessica Alba is, but we always expect something new when we can admire the lightly dressed brunette beauty on magazine covers or in style on red carpets.

Image Source: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison