Jessica Biel: Joey Fatone confirma su embarazo

Jessica Biel: Joey Fatone confirms her pregnancy

Jessica Biel: Joey Fatone confirms her pregnancy


wantedon December 17, 2014 | 10:02

That nothing has changed in the close friendship with his former N’Sync friends since Justin Timberlake’s solo career began, he should now be sure at the latest. Because none other than Justin’s ex-colleague, Joey Fatone, was now chatting about his wife Jessica Biel’s sweet secret!

Jessica Biel is pregnant

It has been speculated for months If Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are finally expecting their first child after three happy years of marriage. But actually the two Hollywood stars wanted to keep sweet baby news under lock and key. After all, so far neither Jessica Biel nor Justin Timberlake have spoken publicly about pregnancy …

As it turned out, they don’t even need it! Because former N’Sync colleague Joey Fatone apparently recently started working in the press for Justin Timberlake and his wife. The singer told “InTouch” magazine that Jessica Biel was definitely pregnant!

Jessica Biel: When will the baby arrive?

Joey Fatone gossiped

It’s unclear if Jessica Biel commissioned her husband’s former colleague to spread the good news to the world. According to Joey Fatone, the sweet baby news is now official. “He told me a while ago,” the N’Sync singer said of his informant Justin Timberlake. “I’ve kept my mouth shut until now, but now I can finally talk about it!“Your friends have already announced Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel; Needless to say, they and the couple are looking forward to their future children. “Jessica is just wonderful and Justin is still a child at heart,” Fatone, who is the father of two daughters, told InTouch. “You will have fun!

Now no denial helps! With Joey Fatone’s declaration, whether planned or not, Jessica Biel’s pregnancy must be confirmed once and for all. Congratulations to the Hollywood couple and look forward to the first photos of the cute mini Timberlake!

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