Jessica Simpson finalmente se siente sexy

Jessica Simpson finally feels sexy

Jessica Simpson finally feels sexy

Finally a wife

wantedon 09/23/2014 | 12:11

Jessica Simpson has been a married woman for three months and is really enjoying her marriage. Things are going very well for the singer: not only is she launching a new fashion collection, but she has also been able to shed her pregnancy pounds through hard training. After making headlines for her weight, Jessica Simpson has now stated that she is finally feeling really sexy.

Jessica Simpson feels sexy

Jessica Simpson has often come under fire for her appearance: she was allegedly too fat during her pregnancy, after she lost weight too thin again. Jessica Simpson could never really please the press. But, as is well known, the singer never made headlines and managed to get in shape with a strict training plan. In an interview, she revealed why her wedding in particular helped boost Jessica Simpson’s self-confidence.Although Jessica Simpson has been dating former soccer player Eric Johnson for four years, the two just got married in early July. In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” the mother of two explained why she still feels like she’s on her honeymoon: “Marriage changed my style. Now I like to wear tight clothes and feel sexy as a wife and mother! ” Jessica Simpson can also overlook past criticisms of her weight: “During this time in my life, I was where I wanted to be. If they attack me for that, I don’t care. “

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are happy

Jessica Simpson: bursting pants in front of the altar

Jessica Simpson has now realized what is really important in life. In the interview, he says that he does not train for the public, but for his family: “After the birth of my two children, the most important thing for me is to improve, the best version of myself.” With this attitude Jessica Simpson has finally found a good attitude towards life. Not only is she still finding her sexy, but her husband too. According to Jessica Simpson, her husband’s ripped pants are her favorite souvenir from the wedding: “It was so sexy sitting next to him after ripping his pants off when he was about to lift Ace in front of the altar.”

Jessica Simpson finally seems to have found happiness. The singer does not care what others think of her and wants to dedicate herself fully to her family. We hope Jessica Simpson continues to have such a happy marriage!

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