Jessica Simpson: ¿se ha vuelto loca?

Jessica Simpson: has she gone crazy?

Jessica Simpson: has she gone crazy?

Size zero madness?

wantedon 09/16/2014 | 13:49

The shot apparently backfired: Jessica Simpson really just wanted to show on Instagram how much she loves her husband Eric Johnson. But the picture, in which the singer looks completely different, makes the rumor simmer. Has Jessica Simpson Lost Too Much Weight After Her Second Pregnancy?

Jessica Simpson is often criticized for her weight fluctuations. During her first pregnancy, the country singer gained more weight than the public would like. After the birth of her second child in 2013, the SUV decided to lose her pregnancy pounds by changing her diet and getting plenty of exercise. The blonde was soon able to present herself again with a superior figure, but continued to lose weight. Now, from the point of view of many fans, Jessica Simpson seems to have exaggerated: The 34-year-old shares an image on Instagram in which she is almost unrecognizable.

Jessica Simpson looks haggard

“Happy birthday my husband,” Jessica Simpson wrote about the photo on Instagram. The snapshot shows her and her husband Eric Johnson, who celebrated his 35th birthday on Monday. But the image did not sit well with his fans: The singer can be seen with bony shoulders and a gaunt face. His gaze also seems forced: Has Jessica Simpson lost her beautiful charisma? In any case, his Instagram followers openly show what they think of the transformation of the country’s star.

Jessica Simpson: Your fans are shocked

Many fans want their old Jessica Simpson back, who doesn’t look like she’s gone crazy. “Jess, you are normally flawless. Weight loss is not good “wrote a follower of the image. Also comments like “Too skinny” Y “The smile looks bad” Jessica Simpson already had to put up with it. After causing a stir a few weeks ago with a bikini photo, Jessica Simpson is once again criticized for her appearance.

We had to look twice before we recognized Jessica Simpson – not much left of the once plump singer. After successfully shedding her pregnancy pounds, Jessica Simpson now looks a bit over the top. Hopefully soon you will loosen your strict diet and find a good weight that you are comfortable with.

Image Source: Instagram / jessicasimpson