Jessica Simpson: ¿el bebé número tres llegará pronto?

Jessica Simpson: is baby number three coming soon?

Jessica Simpson: is baby number three coming soon?

Will she be five soon?

wantedon 09/15/2014 | 10:37

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson already have two children, and at the beginning of July the happiness of the little family was completed with the dream wedding of their parents. The couple are now said to be working on baby number three, despite Jessica Simpson announcing just a few weeks ago that two children would be enough for her. Did you let your husband persuade you?

“I love you, but I don’t want to have another!” Jessica Simpson wrote a few weeks ago on Instagram about a photo that shows her and a baby. With her two sons Maxwell and Ace and the wedding ring on her finger, the 34-year-old has been completely satisfied so far, in contrast to her better half., Husband Eric Johnson. He is looking forward to having a third child and is said to have convinced Jessica Simpson to expand their family soon.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are supposed to be working on baby # 3

So is it possible that we will soon see Jessica Simpson with a baby ball? If “InTouch Weekly” is to be believed, this could be the case soon. “You are feverishly working on the next generation. Eric always wanted more children and has finally been able to persuade them.. She realized that she had had the best times of her life with Eric and the children. She would be delighted to announce that another baby is on the way. ” This is what a confidante of the couple wants to know.

Jessica Simpson: Your kids would have a slight age difference

In terms of timing, the timing couldn’t be better: daughter Maxwell is two years old, son Ace has been making his parents smile for 14 months. If Jessica Simpson were to become pregnant in the near future, the siblings would have a similar age difference, and thus could always play together. We are curious to see if Jessica Simpson will soon announce the good news of a new pregnancy.

We would be delighted if Jessica Simpson and her husband’s wish were quickly fulfilled and the two of them became parents for the third time. However, pregnancy for the 34-year-old woman is usually accompanied by immense weight gain, which must be regained with hard training. But since we know Jessica Simpson, she would master this with flying colors and soon post crisp photos of herself on Instagram.

Image Source: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris