Jessica Simpson quiere casarse de rosa

Jessica Simpson wants to marry in pink

Wedding dress

wantedon 06/26/2014 | 13:03

In just a few weeks, Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson are reported to be walking down the aisle. So it’s no wonder the rumors about the blonde’s dream wedding are already running high. So now it was supposedly known in which dress Jessica Simpson would like to say yes to the chosen one.

Jessica Simpson has been one of the great styling models in international show business for years. So it goes without saying that numerous women around the world are looking forward to the 33-year-old’s wedding to find out what outfit the Hollywood beauty will wear before the altar. The American “InTouch” wants to find out: Jessica Simpson will enter the port of marriage with a soft pink “Marchesa” dress. “It took him more than a year to make a decision,” an alleged source told the magazine.

Jessica Simpson will soon appear in front of the altar

Based on this, Jessica Simpson, who was married to musician Nick Lachey years ago, probably won’t choose the usual wedding target for her second wedding. But is there really something to the rumors about the supposedly pink wedding dress? It almost looks like this. Finally, “E! A spokesperson for the “Marchesa” label also announced that Jessica Simpson will be dressed by them for this special occasion. However, he did not want to give further information: “We are not in a position to comment further on this matter at this time.”

Jessica Simpson wants a big wedding

It will be a while before global audiences see Jessica Simpson’s wedding dress. In the meantime, however, the “InTouch” revealed a few more details about the wedding of her dreams. The bride and groom are said to have chosen Rancho San Ysidro in Santa Barbara, California as their wedding location and are planning something big for the event. “Jessica wants it to be the biggest event of the year. She calls it an oversized wedding! “Said the informant about Jessica Simpson’s plans.

It remains to be seen if Jessica Simpson can headline Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding again. However, the blonde is already putting on an exciting accent with her unusual choice of colors for her wedding dress.Image Source: © Getty Images / Rommel Demano