Jim Parsons compra un ático en Nueva York

Jim Parsons buys a penthouse in New York

Jim Parsons buys a penthouse in New York

Penthouse in NYC

wantedon December 23, 2014 | 16:43

In the hit comedy “Big Bang Theory,” Jim Parsons shares his role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper shares an apartment with his friend and colleague Leonard Hofstadter. In real life, however, the star of the series can raise a little more money for his place of residence. So Jim Parsons bought a luxury apartment in New York.

That Jim Parsons with his starring role Dr. Sheldon Cooper has little in common, not surprisingly. After all, Sheldon is also quite a special contemporary. The 41-year-old does not spend the money Jim Parsons has been receiving for the cast of the hit series “The Big Bang Theory” since the huge salary increase for fan articles on “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” But now he has bought an attic in New York. But the Sheldon actor also shows a passion for collecting.

Jim Parsons collects real estate

The two-bedroom apartment, which Jim Parsons bought for the equivalent of about 2.2 million euros according to ProSieben.de, is already the fourth residential unit in the building in New York’s Gramercy Park that the series star can now call yours. Jim Parsons has lived in the Gothic building with his partner Todd Spiewak since 2011. The “Big Bang Theory” star now owns about 300 square meters of living space in the house in the exclusive residential area.

Jim Parsons: The Big Bang Theory star prefers New York

Although “The Big Bang Theory,” currently the most successful sitcom of all, was shot in California, Jim Parsons seems to prefer the Big Apple. After all, you are gradually buying more units in your home on the East Coast. The Los Angeles mansion, which Jim Parsons had taken from none other than Robert Pattinson, the actor sold again in the summer. Apparently, Sheldon’s mime feels more comfortable in New York than sunny Los Angeles. With a record salary of $ 1 million per episode, the “Wish I Was Here” actor could definitely afford both.

Jim Parsons seems to like the house that he and his partner Todd Spiewak have lived in since 2011. Is the “Big Bang Theory” star commuting to work or looking for another place to stay in Los Angeles to film? We don’t mind, as long as you stay on TV screens for a long time as a roommate in the lovable nerdy flat!

Image Credit: Mark Davis / Getty Images