¿Jo Gerner muere la muerte en serie de GZSZ?  ¡Ahora habla!

Jo Gerner Dies GZSZ Serial Death? Now talk!

Wolfgang bahro

It was a shock for all GZSZ fans: last week, a video appeared in which Dr. Jo Gerner is buried underground, only his head is looking out. Looks like he’s dead. Does Jo Gerner really die serial? Actor Wolfgang Bahro is speaking now.

Happens …

Jo can’t get Keller to be acquitted in court, even though that was the deal between the two. On Gerner’s behalf, Keller lobbied an IT expert who really wanted to testify for Felix and against Gerner. In return, Jo should knock him out in court.

Now Keller demands a new consideration, he wants 50,000 euros and a new Gerner person. He wants to run away. Jo knows Keller is dangerous, anything can be expected of him, so she gets involved in the deal. Furthermore, Keller threatened to harm his daughter Johanna in another way. Tomorrow there will be a fight between the two in a wooded area: showdown.

The interview

The two arrange to meet in a wooded area, where the delivery should take place. But since Jo knows how unpredictable her accomplice is, she shoves a pistol into her pocket as a precaution.

Now actor Wolfgang Bahro speaks in an RTL interview about how Gerner got into this terrible situation and how the shooting felt for him!

How did clever Gerner get into this situation?

Because the storytellers made it up! (laughs). Jokes aside: Gerner underestimated this Mr. Keller. He thought he was a petty criminal, but couldn’t have known that Keller is apparently also a psychopath who doesn’t stop at Gerner’s family.

Who is your opponent Keller?

Keller is a petty criminal who helps Gerner “convince” a computer specialist to remove evidence of Gerner’s wiretapping at Lehmann Bank. In return, Gerner promises that he will be acquitted in case of bodily harm. Witnesses to the assault so that there is no acquittal, whereupon Keller blackmailed Gerner and demanded

€ 50,000 and a new passport so he can disappear and hide.

How was the shooting?

It was fun. There was a lot of laughs and the whole team was always making dark jokes!

Where did you shoot?

Near Wannsee, in the Wannsee-Düppel forest.

What did you feel?

Fortunately, they didn’t actually bury me, even if it seems very realistic. I just thought, “It’s good that this is all just a movie!”

Was he really “buried” alive as a Gerner?

No, only parts of my body were buried. And on his face was the open money case.

Is there a little anecdote from the shoot?

The colleague who plays in the basement and is, by the way, a very friendly and very nice guy, had to kick me in my “grave” several times. It was always very uncomfortable for him. But I didn’t care. There was a carpet in the well, so I fell relatively soft.

Do you love GZSZ more than anything? Do you still remember those 13 weddings??

Do legends live forever? Also a gerner?

Fan reactions have shown that they want to keep him in the series for a long time. Would you like to live forever? Wait and watch this fight for survival end!

Where can your fans see you in the near future?

On 09/28 The premiere of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “JEDERMANN” takes place at St. Nikolaikirche in Potsdam, where I play the role of the devil.

One thing’s for sure: On Friday night at 7.40pm the drama between Keller and Gerner comes to a head. A shot is fired, Gerner lies motionless in a hole in the ground. Unfortunately, we will only know in the next few days what his chances of survival are.

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