Joachim Llambi defiende a Victoria Swarosvki

Joachim Llambi defends Victoria Swarosvki

Joachim Llambi defends Victoria Swarosvki

Stuttering appearance

The eleventh season of “Let’s Dance” started with a lot of excitement! Moderator Victoria Swarovski (24) made her debut, but it didn’t go as expected: the 24-year-old kept messing around, spoke too softly, forgot about processes, and then received a lot of criticism for it. Now the jury Joachim Llambi (53) comments on his appearance.

And indeed, the tough jury, who normally don’t beat around the bush, defends Victoria. “Victoria is a girl. She is doing a moderation for the first time. And it’s a premium German TV show and staying focused for three or four hours is a real challenge. I don’t think he did so badly, ”he tells Promiflash.

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Of course, Llambi also noted that there was still room for improvement and that Swarovski could show much more potential. However, he does call on fans of the show to give the young host a little more time. “Of course, like everyone else: be it the jury, the moderation or the dancers, something can always be improved. And now we want to see how it unfolds next and the weeks after. You have to give those young people a chance to say, ‘Yeah, that maybe wasn’t that good, I’m trying to improve that now. And then we’ll see what the next few weeks will show, ‘”Llambi says.

Wow, would you have expected Joachim Llambi to endorse Victoria Swarovski with such a pretty statement? Or would you have expected me to give you a clear message? Are you watching the next episode to see how Victoria turns out? Let us know in the comments on Facebook if you want.