John Boyega con estilo en el estreno de "Star Wars 7"

John Boyega in style at the premiere of “Star Wars 7”

Shanghai appearance

Thorsten trederon 12/29/2015 | 13:20

He’s Hollywood’s New Shooting Star: John Boyega! At the “Star Wars 7” premiere in Shanghai, he was able to demonstrate one of his qualities once again: extremely well dressed in a tailored Versace suit, the 23-year-old caught everyone’s attention.

John Boyega also convinces fashion

John Boyega obviously has it not just when it comes to acting. The power of fashion is also strong with young talents as it is becoming clearer. Even at the premiere of “Star Wars 7” on Hollywood Boulevard in mid-December, the ‘Finnish’ actor was convincing: at the time he was sporting a noble purple thread with black lapels, which he paired with a single leather glove – to give it the figure ‘Luke Skywalker’. Now he has swapped the dark purple for an equally noble Bordeaux in Shanghai.

For the premiere of “Star Wars 7” in the Far East, John Boyega not only chose another unusual color, but also made her dress fit her body. The luxury brand Versace was responsible for the tailored velvety and shiny two-piece suit, this time without a vest for men. The young hero paired the one-button jacket with a simple elegant collarless black shirt.

Not embarrassed by a well-dressed appearance

In general, John Boyega seems to have a soft spot for more unusual colors, which no doubt flatter him too: At the London premiere of “Star Wars 7,” he donned an extravagant shade of blue, the same as his blue lipstick. her colleague Lupita Nyong or fit. During his surprise visits to theaters in New York, he appeared a little more reserved, but not necessarily less stylish: dressed in a black leather jacket and a casual hat, he burst into theaters and caused many alarms.

Hollywood is not only richer for a talented young actor: “Star Wars 7” hero John Boyega is also on his way to becoming a style icon. Chapeau!

Image Source: Getty Images / Hu Chengwei