"John Wick 3": Miles de gatos rebeldes plagaron el rodaje

"John wick 3": Thousands of wayward cats plagued the shoot

"John wick 3": Thousands of wayward cats plagued the shoot

An army of Moroccan cats caused chaos during the filming of “John Wick 3”.

In addition to specially trained dogs for the film, director Chad Stahelski and his team also had to guard a gigantic horde of cats while filming “John Wick: Chapter 3.” In Essaouira, Morocco, where the third part of the killer saga was filmed, the set was regularly haunted by unwanted visitors who were not even deterred by the presence of heavy dogs with a penchant for hunting cats.

Stahelski, who had already visited the filming location in winter and stated at the time that the cat problem was easy to control with a few devoted crew members, experienced his blue miracle when he returned to Essaouira for production (via Weekly entertainment):

“Moroccans don’t care much about dogs. I love fucking cats for that. Must have been thousands. We were already there in winter when we explored the place and they weren’t represented there yet. We thought, ‘there are some cats here, we’ll just create a cat section that will get all the cats out of here.’ Then we showed up for filming and there were literally thousands of cats. And these cats had really big eggs (steel balls). They were not afraid of anything “.

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To control the situation, the team made cages and barriers to keep the animals away from the chambers. Special care was taken not to harm the cats and to keep them well fed, which meant additional work for the crew.

“We had to build a whole wall of cages. They were just stray stray cats. But we still wanted to treat her well. So we built cat houses that we put them in and fed them. We had walls full of cats. walls full of fucking cats. Given the amount of cat food, we’ve probably fed more cats than people on this set. “

Killers, mutts and cats

Cats on set turned out to be a really serious problem, especially when there were dogs on set. They are shepherds, the so-called Belgian Malinois, who belong to the character of Halle Berry and are slaves of the actress herself.

Mark rogers

Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry with the dogs

Berry describes the conditions on set as follows:

“There was a bit of chaos. There the dogs run, there Keanu runs. Then there are all these guys who come from different sectors. It was totally chaotic and then the cats came. It was often difficult to keep the dogs focused. You see a cat and voila, they are gone. Sometimes that ruined a great recording. “

Or to put it in Stahelski’s words:

“What does the Belgian Malinois love to hunt? Damn cats! While Keanu Reeves kills ten people there and Halle Berry kills ten on the other side, there is one more stuntman that the dogs are supposed to focus on. You want the dog to focus on what to bite. Hit the target to the right. And then there are ten cats walking And you’re like, ‘Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. ‘You crouch behind your monitor and think,’ What is the dog looking at? […] My God, he’s about to bite… Argh! He got pretty crazy with all the dog, cat and human squabbles.

And then the study in America asks you ‘Why are you lagging behind? Just make the dog do that. ‘ And you think to yourself: ‘I don’t speak dog. If I could, if I was fucking rich again. So overall it was fun. “

“John Wick 3” appears with Keanu Reeves May 23 in German cinemas.