"John Wick"-Creador para "Deporte sangriento"?  El reinicio del clásico de Van Damme finalmente debería llegar

"John wick"-Creator for "Bloody sport"? The reboot of Van Damme’s classic should finally arrive

"John wick"-Creator for "Bloody sport"?  The reboot of Van Damme's classic should finally arrive

“John Wick: Kapitel 3” is still in theaters and shows what’s possible in modern action cinema. Perhaps those responsible for the series with Keanu Reeves could also prove it by restarting a classic.

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For years there have been plans in Hollywood for a remake of “Bloodsport.” With Phillip Noyce (“Salt,” “The Cartel”) and James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta,” “Ninja Assassin”), two different directors were involved in the project, but it has been inactive for years. But now it could be given new life. At least this is what Sheldon Lettich, writer of the original, suggests.

At a screening of Van Damme’s action film “Concentrated Load – Double Impact,” which he wrote and performed, Lettich revealed to the audience UltimateActionMovies.comthat “John Wick” directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are now planning a “Bloodsport” reboot. He has known them both for a long time. Leitch was a stuntman in Lettich’s films “Perfect Target – Bloody Rache” and “The Order.” When they visited him some time ago, they would have had the poster for “Bloodsport” on their wall as a “religious icon“Considered. And now “They want to do a ‘Bloodsport’ reboot and also a ‘The Man with the Death Claw’ rebootLettich continues.

Leitch or Stahelski?

The fact that David Leitch is going to direct the Bruce Lee classic “The Man with the Claw of Death,” also known as “Enter The Dragon,” was released a year ago. Since then there has been no new information about the project. However, it was not yet known that one of the two should also republish “Bloodsport.”

Lettich did not reveal whether Leitch or Stahelski would take over. The two longtime stuntmen and coordinators made their directorial debuts alongside “John Wick.” Since then, they have continued to work closely and exchange ideas, but used their popularity to pursue directing projects on their own. Stahelski stayed true to the “John Wick” series and has so far only starred in the sequels “John Wick 2” and “John Wick 3”.

Meanwhile, Leitch made “Atomic Blonde” and “Deadpool 2.” “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw” will follow on August 1, 2019. Given that Leitch has so far taken over the films outside of the series and is already associated with “Enter The Dragon,” the conclusion that he will also be dealing with “Bloodsport” is obvious. – especially since his colleague Stahelski still has “John Wick 4” in front of his chest, before wanting to prove he’s a seemingly immortal professional assassin with a reboot of “Highlander” for the first time outside of the Keanu Reeves series. They are both busy right now …

This is what “Bloodsport” is all about

In 1988’s “Bloodsport,” highly decorated soldier Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) leaves the military to participate in a martial arts tournament in Hong Kong in honor of his latest coach. This is extremely brutal, but Frank, who befriends a campaign partner and a journalist, is determined to win and will soon have additional motivation to defeat the undefeated title favorite.

To what extent a possible new edition will relate to this is open. In one of the previous attempts, there was even a difference of opinion between Van Damme and screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen (“96 hours”). Van Damme publicly stated that this time he would like to be the coach, but the author refused. According to Kamen, the films have nothing to do with each other, it would make no sense to choose Van Damme and such an appearance would only be a distraction. Perhaps Van Damme will have a new opportunity to land another role in a new attempt.

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