Johnny Depp: Ahora habla su hija Lily-Rose

Johnny Depp: Now this is his daughter Lily-Rose speaking

Johnny Depp: Now this is his daughter Lily-Rose speaking

Amber heard

Daniel Schmidton 05/30/2016 | 10:17

Johnny Depp’s sudden divorce after 15 months of marriage was a surprise. After the actress accused her future ex-husband of domestic violence, the alleged bully’s family has spoken out.

Johnny Depp beat Amber Heard? His daughter Lily-Rose doesn’t believe in that.

What seemed like a harmonious marriage just a few weeks ago has turned into a violent war of roses in a few days. According to court records, the reason for the divorce is “irreconcilable differences,” but Amber Heard now claims that the domestic violence occurred during the brief marriage. The evidence on the basis of which Depp is now prohibited from approaching his ex includes a photo in which Heard can be clearly seen with a black eye. He yelled at her, pulled her hair and hit her, is the description of the alleged victim.

A bad accusation that Johnny Depp’s family in particular doesn’t want to leave behind so easily. Especially her daughter, the 16-year-old model Lily-Rose from her marriage to French woman Vanessa Paradis, is now thrown into the breach for her father.

My father is the most loving person …

Chanel’s model and campaign star Lily-Rose Depp is now using her official Instagram account to show what she thinks of the accusations Amber Heard makes against her father. About the image that shows little Lily-Rose in her first steps with Papa Johnny Depp, he writes:

“My father is the sweetest and most loving person I know. He was never more than a wonderful father to my little brother and me, and anyone who knows him would say the same. “

Apparently, he does not seem to believe the accusations of the wife still separated from his father. Especially since he also published an excerpt from an article that said the Los Angeles police found no evidence of a crime on May 21 when they investigated the alleged violence.

As an observer, no trial should be allowed in such cases, that’s what the courts are for. But if Johnny Depp’s daughter (underage!) Has to speak up now, we can be sure that this war of the roses is far from over.

Image Source: GettyImages / Alison Buck