Moderadores de cara bromeando

Joking face moderators

Joking face moderators

+ + Cara comments on the interview + +

He wrote on his Twitter page Expensive now: “Some people just don’t understand British sarcasm and humor.” Y Zach Braff, who played JD on “Scurbs,” directly tweeted: “@Caradelevingne or how condescending it is to ask an actress if she has read the book.” Singer George boy He only said in Cara’s tweet that he understood British humor.

And Jeff D Lowe, Anna Kendrick’s best friend, wrote: “You get @Caradelevingne to give ‘better answers’ in an interview if you ask better questions / say the name correctly.” We can only join people – moderators were really impossible for Cara!

+ + What really happened? + +

Cara is British. And they have a very specific British humor, quite cold and dry. But the moderators don’t seem to understand that at all! The TV show even begins with presenter Cara as “Carla” Delevingne presents. He then asks if he had read the book about the movie. Cara responds dryly and sarcastically: “No, not even the script, I just improvised.” Of course, this is not serious.

Yes, Cara looks a bit tired in the interview – However, the actress has a lot to do with the interviews, the movie, her modeling business, etc. And when a moderator bravely and arrogantly asks you: “I saw you doing a promotion for the film in London a few months ago and you seemed much more enthusiastic. Are you tired? “, completely upsets Cara.