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TV off?

The two presenters Joko and Klaas are among THE entertainers on the German television scene. But with a format, fans will have to give up the duo in the future: “Joko versus Klaas – The Duel Around the World.” How’s the show going now?

According to a report from “Bild am Sonntag”, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf leave the successful world tour program “Joko versus Klaas – The Duel Around the World” at their own request. The reason: It is said that the families of the presenter duo suffered from the extensive filming of the extreme show in all possible places in the world. Next year, Joko and Klaas want to spend more time with their friends and their children.

Fans of the format should not panic: the new season of “Joko versus Klaas – The Duel Around the World”, which is scheduled for 2017, will not be discontinued at this time, but with a new lineup of moderators on the screens of television flickering. According to this, Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf’s home announcer ProSieben is already looking for a worthy replacement.

Nothing will change in these formats for the moment

And if not, the German television landscape will not have to miss Joko and Klaas forever. With its other show formats, including, for example, “Circus HalliGalli” or “The Best Show in the World”, the Duo Infernale will stick with the audience and their fans.

It’s absolutely understandable that busy entertainers Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf want to disrupt things for the good of their families. We wish you and your loved ones a great start to the new year 2017.

Image Source: Getty Images / Christian Augustin

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