Juhuuuu: "Gossip Girl" regresa como película

Juhuuuu: “Gossip Girl” returns as a movie

Juhuuuu: "Gossip girl" come back as a movie

To be honest, we have always waited secretly, silently and silently for “Gossip Girl” to be resurrected. Indeed it will: There will be a “Gossip Girl” movie! At least if the insiders can believe. They claim that Warner Brothers has a great interest in him and even talks to the main characters. Apparently Blake Lively (Serena), Leighton Meester (Blair), Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), Chace Crawford (Nate) and Sebastian Stan (Carter) have already accepted. There are a few! Blake Lively also has a “suspicious” photo of the Brooklyn Bridge. “Stained” posted on Instagram below. So if that’s not an allusion, we don’t know either.