Julia: Declaración impresionante

Julia: Impressive statement

Julia: Impressive statement

+ + So Julia was happy not to be in the final + +

News from May 12, 2016: Of all the “Germany’s Next Top Model” series, Julia Wulf was one of the girls with the greatest potential to achieve something as an international model. Therefore, the early departure of the Hamburg woman was a huge loss for both the show and the advertising partners, where the show’s models can win jobs. Above all, many fans do not want to accept the type of departure. But now he even admits that he is happy not to be in the final!

Many girls dream of joining once GNTM to be in the final and from Heidi klum the last image delivered to come. Not so Julia Wulf, who left the current season because of pneumonia. the Hamburger now revealed to Snapchatto be happy, she did not reach the final. And there is a very specific reason for this: “I don’t want him to sound jealous or anything. But to be honest: I am very happy not to be in the final. They have to rehearse a lot all day“So Julia in an instant. From Julia’s point of view, this is, of course, totally understandable, because the 21 years you’re already working hard (and successfully) on yours Career after GNTM. But the finalists Taynara, Fata, Elena, Jasmin and Kim you might still feel attacked. Because with your statement shows little respect versus the efforts of their former Competitors.

+++ Will Julia try again at GNTM in 2017? +++

Julia is a YouTuber

Julia was with GNTM Shootings, castings and walks always superior and above all even the best. It is no wonder that many fans after a return from the cool favorite ask for. But since current GNTM episodes have been filmed for a long time and only that Live finale Julia will not be able to return to the current season. So next year as it was BFF Fata have demonstrated?