Julia esta ahí

Julia is there

Julia is there

What happened to Meike?

How could the pop star stylist do something like that? Meike surprised in the live show with a completely different style: Auburn hair with bangs and really cheeky makeup. The shy and somewhat faded Meike cannot be recognized again. Esra rivaled Rihanna with her new fiery red mane. But Esra’s hairstyle was really cool, in contrast to Sarah’s. His extensions didn’t really look good… But now for the show.

Exciting semi-finals

the Tears of joy ran down Julia’s facewhen she found out on yesterday’s “Popstars: Girls Forever” show that she was the third member of the Girl band “LaVive” it is. This decision was not really a big surprise, because Julia convinced with her strong voice over and over again throughout the season. In the semifinals, he moved the audience to tears with “Everything I do, I do for you.” He dedicated the Bryan Adams song to his late grandfather and gave an incredibly moving performance.

How did Julia experience the show? Check the interview on Starflash.de!

For Diba the dream is shattered

The beautiful Diba (20) it was less convincing: it was eliminated by an audience vote. And the jury found only negative words for her performance of Jennifer Lopez: “You sang in a completely different tone than your song”says Marta. Diba seemed to have awaited his expulsion, after all, singing was never one of his greatest strengths. With her beauty she had especially D! convinced.

Who will be the last to jump into the band?

too Yonca He is always criticized by the jury, but the audience seems to love the charming 22-year-old. Also yesterday she got another round and is fighting valiantly for her dream of “Popstars: Girls Forever”. Along with sassy Esra, Souldiva Pascaline, birthday girl Katrin. Next week will be decided who will be the fourth and last member of the band “LaVive”: Sunshine Yonca, the cheeky Esra, Souldiva Pascaline or the birthday girl Katrin.