Julian esta loco

Julian is crazy

Oh no! Bibi and Julian’s address was known: Where does Bibi live?

Bibi’s mobile number has been put up for sale!

It’s no wonder Bibi is really upset about it – in a recent video of her, she explains that an old friend from school has put her cell phone number up for sale. And that’s too much for the YouTuber! We can understand, after all, his cell phone never stood still at night.

Friend from school has a fan’s cell phone number 300 euros Offered! His friend Julian too. She describes it herself as the “sickest experience” that has ever happened to her. Bibi now has a new number and has only given it to very few people. Because even when his cell phone number was published, his cell phone was no longer standing day and night. No matter how close you want to be your idol, you should also give YouTube stars some privacy!

+ + Bibi’s mobile number has been published! + +

Oh no, not again! Bibi’s cell phone number has been revealed. And that doesn’t happen to the most successful German YouTuber for the first time. Her details were released in June and Bibi’s phone never stopped. But now Bibi was forced to change her cell phone number.

Now there was no other option: Bibi had to change her cell phone number. She tweeted about it: “Over 100 people wrote and called my cell phone number today … How unpleasant can people be?” Okay, it’s kinda hard when you call your fans “disgusting” designated.