Julianne Moore no cree en Dios

Julianne Moore doesn’t believe in God

Julianne Moore doesn't believe in God

I believe in you!

wanted01/29/2015 | 11:18

Julianne Moore has to rely on a talisman at the 87th Academy Awards, because as the 54-year-old woman in the current “Hollywood Reporter” cover story now reveals, she no longer believes in God.

For Julianne Moore, the annual Academy Awards will be handed out on February 22 without any divine help. The exceptional red-haired actress is in the running for her performance in the film “Still Alice” in the “Best Leading Actress” category. But Julianne Moore would rather trust her talent than pray for the coveted film award.

Julianne Moore believes in herself

Julianne Moore has now revealed to the “Hollywood Reporter” that she is more confident in the concept. believe in yourselfThan to turn to a divine authority for advice and assistance. “The idea that you are your center and that you shape your own life is a great concept,” Julianne Moore said thoughtfully in an interview. “I believe. I am happy to be able to shape my life as I want. “The actress has an understandable explanation for the lack of trust in God: the death of her mother, who died suddenly five years ago at 69 years of sepsis. “When my mother died, I learned that there is no ‘other life’. There is structure in everything. We classify and define everything to understand. Otherwise, there would be nothing but chaos! “

Julianne Moore has family support

Instead of praying to God, Julianne Moore prefers to rely on her acting talent, and rightly so! – and the support of his family. In film producer Bart Freundlich, the 54-year-old has only found the man for life, but also her biggest fan, who will of course be by her side at this year’s Academy Awards. “He is an incredible individual. And it always makes me feel good, about myself and about my work. And of course I hope to make him feel good too!Julianne Moore reveals.

We’re sure Julianne Moore will at least make her husband proud with the possible Oscar win. The actress shows that you can go far without religion and without divine help. You just have to believe in yourself!

Image source: gettyimages / Neilson Barnard