Julianne Moore: ¿Ya ganó el Oscar?

Julianne Moore: Have you won the Oscar yet?

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wantedon 01/16/2015 | 12:09

Not all Hollywood actresses are lucky enough to have their first Oscar in their hands when they are in their early twenties. Julianne Moore is experiencing her professional prime at the ripe age of 54. After winning the Golden Globe for “Best Actress,” the red-haired actress can now look forward to the Critics’ Choice Award in the same category. This means that your chances of winning the coveted Oscar should grow and grow …

Julianne Moore was honored again at yesterday’s Critics’ Choice Awards for her outstanding performance in the social drama “Still Alice – My Life Without Yesterday.” In the film, the 54-year-old actress imitates the Alzheimer’s Linguist Dr. Alice Howland, whose work and family life will be put to the test after diagnosis.

Julianne Moore has a high chance of winning an Oscar

For some years now, Alzheimer’s has been an increasingly frequent topic in film and television, also addressed by German director Til Schweiger in his latest blockbuster “Honey in the Head.” Julianne Moore’s performance in “Still Alice – My Life Without Yesterday” is praised as “warm”, “passionate” and “great”.. So the chances of winning the Oscar for “Best Actress” are not exactly bad for Julianne Moore. German fans of red-haired beauty, on the other hand, have to wait a bit longer before they can get a glimpse of Julianne Moore as an Alzheimer’s patient. As of March 5, “Still Alice” will also be shown in German cinemas.

Julianne Moore at the zenith of her careerAfter more than 25 years in the business and countless award-winning films, it looks like 2015 is finally here. the Julianne Moore Year. After all, yesterday with the Oscar nominations it was announced that the red-haired actress may have legitimate hopes of a golden boy. Now Julianne Moore just has to prevail against her strong competitionFrance’s Marion Cotillard for “Two Days, One Night,” Felicity Jones for “The Discovery of Infinity,” Rosamund Pike for “Gone Girl” and Reese Witherspoon for “Wild” are nominated in their category.

We’re confident that Julianne Moore will easily pocket her younger colleagues. After all, it’s time for the actress to finally get recognized for her credible character roles. For Julianne Moore it would be the first Academy Award.

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